Baby {A} Birth Photography

I had the honor of photographing a birth this weekend!  What an experience and a beautiful miracle.  I have definitely found my passion in photography.  Don’t get me wrong, I love working with babies, children, families, parties, couples, etc…but this was an amazing experience that I hope I get to do more.  Please contact me for more information on birth photography.  Couldn’t narrow down to a few pictures like I normally do so here are a bunch…

To see more pictures, visit my Facebook page.

IMG_8978IMG_8979 IMG_8992 IMG_9078 IMG_9081 IMG_9093 IMG_9097 IMG_9104 IMG_9113 IMG_9148 IMG_9187 IMG_9194 IMG_9210 IMG_9227 IMG_9236 IMG_9256 IMG_9316 IMG_9328 IMG_9333 IMG_9348 IMG_9357

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